Coming this summer

Historic Autograph Company

Our objective is to make affordable cut signature, signed baseball and jersey products that are geared toward the collector. Our goals are to incorporate all sports into our well-themed releases including basketball, hockey, golf and boxing alongside our very popular original baseball and celebrity series.

Visit us at the National!

We will be in booth #646 at the Corporate Pavillion at the 2015 National in Chicago on July 29 to August 2nd.

Upcoming Products

National Only Promotion

Historic Autographs will continue the fun "National Only" Signed Memorabilia product that excited those who purchased them at last year's National in Cleveland. This year we have bulked up both the quality of items and the names within each tin. All tins will include Hall of Fame players from baseball, football & basketball on jerseys, helmets or full-size baseball bats. Highlighted by a signed Michael Jordan jersey and lots of HOF Chicago Bears. These will be carried by Blowout, Dave & Adams, Steel City, ChicagoLand and Redman's Dugout.


HA Civil War - Appomattox (a high-end release honoring the 150th anniversary of the Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse)


Friends-N-Foes (a dual autograph product features great teammates fierce rivals or classic pairings on each card)

Autographed Football Jerseys

Casey's Juggernaut (an originals product showcasing autographs of the 1948 through 1955 New York players under the guidance of Casey Stengel and their corresponding Bowman baseball cards)

Authentic Autographs

Important Notice

There is a company out of Ohio using the name Historic Autographs Authentication. This company in NO WAY has any affiliation with our company. Our company - Historic Autograph Company, LLC (commonly referred to as Historic Autographs) does not authenticate autographs. We always use 3rd party authentication. HA wanted to make it clear that this Ohio-based "authentication" company has apparently chosen our beloved name because of the respect we have in the industry (without our permission) and we wanted all of our loyal customers and collectors to know that we do not recognize them as an authority.